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April 18, 2015

In between

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 These photos were taken about 100 years ago (that means last month) while the weather was kind of disoriented, somehow in between cold and warm, as you can see I was still wearing ankle boots.
But anyway, I am looking out the window now and I only see clouds and I also hear a cold wind blowing aggressively. Great..
 I realised I didn't get a chance to post these images and luckily I found them while organising my folders and I thought they could do just fine now. The weather feels the same, so they are still relevant. 

I arrived in Cluj a few days ago and I didn't get a chance to do much except for refilling my fridge with food, stressing out at my job and get excited about the new seasons of Game of Thrones and Mad Men. I wanted to make reservations for The Avengers next week, but I failed, because it appears to be sold out already for the whole week starting with 24th April - seriously?? That's insane. Maybe I'll find some luck soon, I reallllly want to see it as fast as possible! 
 Ok, I need to find the courage to face the cold outside and maybe take some photos, if not, well.. we're going to find another way to kill time. 

 See you soon!

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 Wearing: Zara jacket and skirt, blouse and boots, Calvin Klein sunglasses


April 14, 2015

Post Easter thoughts

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 As you probably read this, I am still sleeping, recovering from last night's party, because you have to finish the Easter holidays with a bang, right? 
Speaking of which, this is the outfit I wore on Sunday, to a short visit at my grandparents house. As usual, I tried not to eat too much food and I am doing a pretty good job at it, but when it comes to sweets, well...that's a different story! 
In a way, I am glad the holidays are over so I can revitalise myself with fresh smoothies, fruits and vegetables (but those who are around me will see how I'll crave for a cheesecake in about a week or so) 

 I hope you all had a great peaceful time surrounded by your loved ones! I am glad we had a wonderful weather for starters! 

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Wearing: vintage skirt and belt, shoes, thrifted bag, Glow top


April 12, 2015

The comeback and some general thoughts

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 Well, hello again for those who missed me! I may have to start explaining why I went MIA for about a month and a half, but I really don't have a serious reason. And don't start to think that I was lazy taking pictures, because that is not the case.
 There were various reasons why I took this long hiatus, which never happened before in 4 years of blogging, most of them are related to the fact that I somehow got lost in my daily routine, with my job and all and I didn't have time to think about what I should post about next, I had no inspiration, I had no time or need to buy new clothes and feel happy about it - seriously, I spent most of my days in the same boring jeans and various sweaters or shirts and that was about it. Whenever I had free time, I wanted to walk, read, relax my brain and watch Game of Thrones.
Then there was this issue of not having a dedicated photographer 24/7 when I needed him. And this is quite frustrating. Another reason was the weird weather. Whenever I had time and mood for photos, it was pouring rain or snowing - yea..imagine that. Then I had some problems with my PC. 

So, pilling all of that together, got me in a very annoyed state where I just felt that my passion for blogging was somehow hazed by this struggle of finding a solution for all of it, to make it work better. I still didn't find it. I don't know if I will. I would love to come up with a new concept, a new design, new places to shoot photos, but I am limited, so don't expect to get new content here, because I am the same old me, but with a few new clothes now. 

 During this time, I started to listen to a lot of jazz and blues which I love, I started once again to make a new "want-to-read" book list, I bought flowers and enjoyed them, I started cooking fancy meals and made more delicious cakes. I made a short visit to Bucharest, revisited old but familiar places and got filled with nostalgic memories, I saw my friends, my blogger friends and it was just great to change the scenery a bit. I tried finding new hobbies, but I haven't found one that enhances me as much as creating outfits and taking photos for the blog does, so I decided to continue it and mostly because certain people missed my virtual presence.

Currently I am in my hometown for the Easter holidays and I am finally enjoying the warm weather (until recently I was still wearing ankle boots). Today I choose a sporty-spice look, so different from all the floral patterns I am used to for Spring. The outfit was pretty much revolved around those cute new shoes I bought that I really needed this season - and they are so comfy!
 I looked like I was going to a tennis match and it felt great to feel a bit different.
 Anyways, I can't wait for Summer, to wear espadriles, platform sandals, chiffon cardigans and flare pants!

 I hope you are having a Happy Easter guys! I will definitely see you soon.

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 Wearing: old Zara dress, CCC shoes, vintage bag, H&M cardigan, New Yorker sunglasses and bracelets