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July 27, 2014

Summer in the city

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 Seems lately I can't get enough of dresses, especially colorful ones, and why should I since it's Summer and so hot that I can't stand wearing anything else. I like to feel as comfortable as possible during this season and I also like to wear the right dosage of color - which means all of them at once! 
So, this was me, a lovely rainbow on a Saturday afternoon, walking around the city with no concern whatsoever. It's not always I feel as carefree as nowadays. 

 Happy Sunday guys! 

 Wearing: Zara dress, shoes from HERE, H&M bracelets, vintage earrings, The Bag Shop bag. 


July 24, 2014

Colorful rainy days

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 This unpredictable Summer weather leaves me confused. Regardless of how chilly it can be, I definitely refuse to wear a second layer of clothing or take a umbrella with me, just in case. No, no, why do that when you can shelter yourself under a huge umbrella at a terrace and also enjoy a calory bomb frappe while looking at people who ran through the pourring rain? 
That is what I did, well, the day was quite sunny and I went with a friend at this little lovely place called Bistro Viena for a chat and that is when the rain started and I just thought: "Man.. my lovely plan of shooting photos is ruined". However, the rain stopped and everything went back to normal since now I am sitting in my home slowly melting from the heat. 
I managed to finally wear my colorful maxi dress without stepping into puddles and turning it into mud. Congratulations are in order I think.

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Wearing: Villa dress (from an outlet store) Stradivarius bracelet, borrowed bag, no name earrings, H&M rings

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July 20, 2014

Lock the simple moments


 There's this small bridge in Cluj where not long ago couples started to put on lockets as a symbol of their love. Sure, it's not the locket bridge from Paris, but it's cute enough and I adore the idea, I always did. After snipping Mojitos in the rain, we walked through the almost empty park and decided to take some photos around the area before the sun completely went down. Afterward we ate king size cakes to end the evening in a delicious note. 
All in all lovely evenings like these (when the Summer sun doesn't melt you in 2 seconds) are the ones I enjoy the most. Simple, casual, light.

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Wearing: thrifted C&A dress, thrifted shoes, vintage bag, gifted earrings, Meli Melo ring